car wash foamNowadays, more and more car owners prefer to wash cars by themselves. So, they usually choose car wash foam cannon to help them, because it can make the thicken foam effectively and spay the foam on the car more evenly. But, how to use this “superb cannon”? Let me introduce it to you:

  • Choose the right car wash liquid soap

When washing the cars in the car wash shop, many people will find that the workers can make more foam. Even if they buy the same car wash liquid soap, they can’t achieve the same effect. So can more foam the car wash liquid producing make cars cleaner?

In fact, it’s not critical to choose the car wash soap by the amount of foam it producing. A good liquid soap should have good lubricity, good solubility in water, good cleaning performance, and insolubility with wax or sealants.

Generally, modest thicken foam can stay on the paint surface longer for a better wetting effect. However, excessive foam will reduce its moisture so as to make the paint surface not enough wet.

After reading this article, please pay attention to that lots of foam produced by liquid soap just seems like a better cleaning effect but not useful, no matter washing the car in the car wash or by yourself. What you should think highly of is the balance between foam and water content.

When using liquid soap to wash car, there will be much thicken foam, which can effectively remove the stains on the car.

A. Put some liquid soap and water to a ratio of the instructions, and then put diluted liquid into the foam gun pot or foam cannon and shake it well.

B. Parking the vehicle to an open cleaning area, use the snow foam cannon to spray foam on the whole car well. The spraying sequence is from the wheel hubs to the rear body, and the body should be sprayed from bottom to top.

C. Keep it for about 15-30 seconds, so that the cleaning liquid can better penetrate into the dirt, which will be decomposed quickly and peel off the paint surface. Then clean it with a high pressure water gun or gently wipe off the foam with a soft microfiber cloth. Be careful not to leave out the foam on the paint surface, otherwise it will be difficult to remove when dries.

  • Correct method to operate car wash foam cannon

A. Control foam concentration

There is an adjustment knob on the top of the foam spray cannon, which can adjust the foam concentration. The knob controls the air intake quantity so as to regulate the liquid absorption of the cleaning agent in the plastic pot.

Tips: in general, the “+” sign indicates that the intake air quantity increases and the liquid absorption decreases; the “-” sign indicates that the air intake quantity decreases and the liquid absorption increases. The air enters from the small hole above the foam cannon connector and below the knob. When the air intake quantity increases, the suction force of the liquid suction hole below the snow foam cannon decreases, so the liquid absorption decreases, and vice versa. That’s the reason why the thickest foam can be made when turning the “-” sign to the maximum. Of course, there are also very few foam cannon with the “+” sign to represent the thickening of foam and the “-” sign to represent the thinning of foam, but the principles are the same.

B. Adjust sleeve by ejection angle

Rotating the sleeve in front of the foam gun head can adjust the distance of the internal clips, so as to control the angle of the spraying fan pattern. Adjust the size of foam according to the size of your car.

  • Normal problems and maintenance

foam makerA. Weak ejection

If the foam maker is blocked, remove it and check the dirt. Then, clean it or install a new one.

The foam maker element is the head of the mix chamber, close to the water outlet. After mixing the car wash liquid soap and air, the high-pressure water hits the foam maker to complete the final foaming, and then detergent is ejected from the nozzle.

Tips: when meeting following questions, the foam maker will be blocked:

1.Foam maker intercepts impurities in water, which causes blockage after accumulating for a long time, so as to lead to the decline of foaming effect and even affect the final ejection pressure.

2.Many people think that the thicker the car wash liquid is, the higher the concentration will be. In fact, this is a false perception. Many manufacturers take advantage of this to add thickeners to their products, giving people the illusion. However, this will increase the difficulty of washing, and more residues will remain on the paint surface, which will be damaged finally. Moreover, the poor thickeners will be adsorbed on the foam maker of snow foam lance. Over time, flocs similar to gel are formed, resulting in clogging of the foam maker.

B. The suction hole is blocked by impurities, which affects the suction of car wash liquid. Please unplug the hose and use an high pressure air gun or a fine needle to unblock the suction hole.

foam cannon structureC.The snow foam gun sprays water out of control

This situation mainly points to spraying water at the suction hole uncontrolledly. The liquid flows back into the foam gun bottle, and is sprayed at the suction adjustment knob.

In most cases, it’s the high pressure makes inlet nozzle loose, leading to the inlet and outlet water lose pressure, and the liquid not come out smoothly. As a result, the liquid overflows out of control after the loss of pressure. Pleases retighten the water inlet nozzle to avoid this situation.