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Ningbo Shinsan cleaning products co.,Ltd is a trading company specializing in car care and cleaning products. It is located in the port city of eastern China, Ningbo. We have been engaged in car care and cleaning business since 2005. In the past 10 years, we have provided OEM services for car care and cleaning products for many big international companies, such as Meguiar’s, Turtle wax, Sonex, Luxcar … Our products are exported all over the world, especially North America and Europe . The company now has a professional and experienced team to ensure that customers have a good service experience.We dedicate to be your best car care products supplier in China !

After more than 10 years of development, Shinsan cleaning products co., Ltd. Has established a branch in Hong Kong—Microtex products Limited ,provide customers with more convenient and faster services.

At the same time, we have also applied for an export license in the China mainland, and the goods are exported directly from Ningbo Port ,China to all over the world. A mature supply chain guarantees us every step from production and processing to packaging design.

In addition, it is also very important to have a good logistics . We have warehouse at Ningbo Port for customers free storage. Customers can store the goods in our warehouse for free, and when they need to be shipped, we provide free container loading service. Work with SHINSAN, safe, convenient, fast and happy!

Shinsan Office and Factory Workshop in Ningbo City ,China — East Coast Line of China

Shinsan has an office in Ningbo Down town , 3 person works in the office ,and factory is near our office ,about 15 km away ,near 100 workers there for producing car cleaning items ,like microfiber towels ,car wash sponges ,microfiber wash mitts and so on…….

Shinsan team member

Levis Yu
Levis YuOwner/ Manager
Cell Phone : +8613777223637
Angela Luo
Angela LuoSales & after sale service
Cell phone: +8613567482892
Mandy Chen
Mandy ChenSales & after sale service
Cell phone: +8613957491617

Company license / Export license / Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine license

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  • Our Product

Ningbo Shinsan can provide a full range of professional car care products. We have more than 80 suppliers with good relations. The main products are car air freshener, microfiber towel, car wash gloves, squeegee, ice scraper, car wash foam gun, car wash brush, parking disc, ice scrapers and so on. We can provide customers with fast and free samples, low prices, timely delivery, and quality assurance.

  • The following is our hot sale products for your reference .
  • Quality Assurance

Ningbo shinsan suppliers are BSCI certified. Ensure that all products are qualified before shipment. The factory has a professional production process and testing department. Our company also has special inspectors to double check the factory’s products. In addition, we also perform CE, ROHS, AZO ,REACH and other tests on the products in accordance with the customer’s import procurement requirements to ensure that customers can receive safe goods.

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  • Service case

In the past ten years, we have helped customers complete thousands of projects, and our products are exported to the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Israel and so on.

One day in October 2019, an American customer Email us that his supplier could not be contacted. He paid the full amount but the goods arrived at the port in the USA, but he could get it. He sells car care cleanig products on Amazon, so out of stock is not a trivial matter for him. He asked us to contact the seller in China so that he could get the goods at port as soon as possible.

And asked if we could send him another shipment by air within 20 days.(He buys chenille car wash mitt ,car wash sponge ,microfiber dusters and car wash wheel brushes from us ) After confirming some details with the customer, we quickly contacted the supplier to prepare materials, print and package, meanwhile, contacted the Chinese seller who lost the contact. In the end, the customer successfully received the goods, and we also sent the air cargo on the 18th day, and successfully completed the task. The customer is very grateful, since then he is not only our guest, but also a good friend.

Thank you for your inquiry !