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microfiber towel

Microfiber towel 16×16 , 300gsm , pricing

QuantityPrice per pieceTotal
1000 pcsUSD0.42USD420.0
3000 pcsUSD0.34USD1020.0
5000-10000 pcsUSD0.29USD1450.0-USD2900.0
More than 10000pcsAsk for a quoteAsk for a quote

300gsm edgeless microfiber cloth

Edgeless microfiber towel 16×16 ,300gsm ,pricing

QuantityPrice per pieceTotal
1000 pcsUSD0.46USD460.0
3000 pcsUSD0.43USD1290.0
5000-10000 pcsUSD0.39USD1950.0 - USD3900.0
More than 10000 pcsAsk for a quoteAsk for a quote

1200gsm microfiber drying towel

1200gsm microfiber drying towel , 16×16 ,pricing

QuantityPrice per pieceTotal
3000 pcsUSD1.89USD5670.0
5000 pcsUSD1.79USD8950.0
10000 pcsUSD1.72USD17200.0
More than 10000 pcsAsk for a quoteAsk for a quote

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