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Auto RV truck flow-thru wash brush

Auto RV truck flow-thru wash brush

Product information
Item NumberS05.027
SpecificationHandle length : 41.3" - 71"
Brush size :10.6" * 5.1" *4.7"
MaterialPVC,PP,Rubber ,Aluminium
Packing information110*21*61.5cm/10pcs,9.8kgs
Bristle length5.5cm
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ1000 pcs
Payment T/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Water flow-thru brush with long handle

Featured Description

This Auto RV truck flow-thru wash brush comes with a telescopic, extendable pole that allows you to clean tall vehicles such as lorries, caravans, boats, and many more. The long reach brush features a hose pipe connector that allows water to flow directly through the brush giving you a more efficient cleaning.

Featuring ergonomic and comfortable foam grips for ease of use and sturdy control, This wash brush head features soft bristles to prevent scratching and includes a squeegee blade that will remove excess water. The Wash brush is not just for cars it can also be used around the home to clean any conservatories, high windows. It also washes coaches/buses, Trucks, etc.

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More information of RV truck boat wash brush

This telescopic water fed brush is ideal for your home, car, caravan etc. It extends so you can get to those hard to reach places. The brush can be connected to your hose pipe so water can flow through the centre, it also has an on off switch. Scratch free bristles means it can be used on your windows and paintwork with no worries.

  • soft bristle brush for RV truck boat has standard hose (Hozelock) connectors, and Convenient water on/off switch

water flow-thru brush connector

  • This car washing brush has standard ACME 3/4” male threaded broom handles or extension brush pole

RV truck boat wash brush thread

  • The flow through brush has special lock on the telescopic handle , when lock down ,it seals 100% , no leaking 

flow-thru wash brush lock

  • 10 inch quad all sided car wash brush head with super soft bristles, won’t scratch paint

soft bristle water flow-thru car wash brush

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Soft bristle water flow-thru car wash brush

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