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blue cheap microfiber towels

16×16 inch blue cheap microfiber towels

Product Information 
Item NumberS03.002
Specification40*40cm , 48g
Material80%polyester ,20%polyamide
Packing information41*21*43cm / 100pcs , 5.4kgs
Sample time3-5 days
PaymentT/T,L/C ,West union ,Paypal
HS code6307100019
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16×16 inch blue cheap microfiber towels Video

Featured Description

We set out to make these 16×16 inch blue cheap microfiber towels without making it more expensive . One of the most economic blue car wash towels . Most 300gsm blue microfiber towel is woven into 100% polyester ground fabric.But our cheap blue microfiber detailing towels are ultra soft ,which is made of premium quality microfiber ,80% polyester and 20% polyamide blended ,which is made the blue car wash microfiber towel super thick ,soft and absorbent .

  • Long lasting , no scratch the paint of car surface , no streaks after drying , lint free
  • More durable ,We tested several different materials and found this to be the most durable. We added locking edged towels to prevent unraveling to prevent curling.
  • Super soft and premium microfiber quality makes the towel absorb more than 3 times water weight . Just one pass ,no water dot or any streaks on the surface for car resin
  • Multi purpose use for water-less washing, quick detailing, wax, compound, sealant glaze and polishing and sprayer. Use it on your car, your bike, your boat, anything that moves.
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Blue cheap microfiber towels feature

The cheap multi purpose microfiber towel for car wash size is 16×16 inch , the desity 300gsm .It is soft and Stronger water absorption than normal car cleaning towels on the market, no lint, no fading. Use it on car cleaning,bike cleaning ,boat and anything that moves.The microfiber structure makes the blue car wash towel pick up tiny duster ,hairs .No water streaks after car drying with the super thickness . No scratch due to its super softness and satin edge.

  • Officially it is 300 grams per square meter .The cheap microfiber car wash towels are perfect weight for applying sprays and other detailing products on your paints.

300gsm microfiber towels bulk sale

  • The blue car wash drying towels bulk has size of 16×16 inch . It is for more precise auto detailing tasks to really bring out your car’s shine,such as polishes and finishes .

16x16 inch car wash towel

  • No tags ,no scratch ,the nice locked edges prevent fraying and curling.The 16×16 inch blue cheap microfiber towel is more durable than normal ones .

80 polyester 20 polyamide microfiber towel

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300gsm thick blue microfiber towels for car wash

The 300gsm thick cheap blue microfiber towel has many different use .We use it for car wash , car drying ,polishing ,waxing ,detailing of inside the car . Super soft and high microfiber pile on the surfce ,let your carwash easy and enjoyable !

16x16 inch blue cheap microfiber towels

Microfiber structure

Before fleece

Make fleece

Cross section


80% polyester and 20% polyamide makes
the microfiber very special structure , it
has very big superficial area ,which
can hold tiny dusters ,sands and others.

Prmium locked edges to prevent to prevent curling, it is a
economic car wash towel which made the car wash easier ,
faster and simple

No Tags, No Scratches, No Streaks, Lint-Free: Withstands
hundreds of washing's and gets softer every time.Use for
water-less washing, quick detailing, wax, compound
sealant glaze and polishing.

Officially 300gsm cheap blue microfiber car wash towel ,it
works great on your car wash , interior,clean dashboard,
leather and vinyl .The microfiber cloth for car wash works
great for other auto detailing tasks .

Ideal size of 16x16 inch ,the blue economic car wash towel
for more precise auto detailing tasks to really bring out your
car's shine . you may want to fold 300gsm microfiber towel
twice,this gives you eight cleaning surface with each towel .

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