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8 metal squeegee wooden handle

Carrand 8″ metal squeegee wooden handle

Product information
Item NumberS02.002
Specification8" squeegee head ,18"handle ,236g
MaterialIron, rubber ,sponge, wooden handle
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Packing information52*31*38cm/50pcs ,18.5kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ2000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Categories : Car window squeegee

Premium zinc plated heavy duty metal squeegee

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Carrand 8″ metal squeegee wooden handle is for cleaning window glass surfaces on automobiles, boats and more. The head is scrubs away dirt, bugs and dried stains. It features a streak-free squeegee rubber on the other side.

  • 8-inch lightweight metal head; squeegee and scrubber
  • 18-inch classic wood handle for greater length reach
  • Durable rubber blade for better auto window cleaning
  • Tough nylon netting for easy bug, dirt, and pollen removal
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More information of metal squeegee red wooden handle

The metal window squeegee is mainly suitable for car surface cleaning and also stain removal for glass windows, floor-standing windows, bathrooms, tiled walls, glass coffee tables and the like. It helps to wipe the car front windshield and do the housework. It features long-lasting stain removal performance.

  • Metal head features plastic side guards to prevent damage to car finish, trim, or glass. Squeegee head is 8″ wide and has a 4” metal stem

metal squeegee head

  • Car cleaning metal squeegees available with 12″ and 20″ long handles .Durable hardwood handle with red lacquer finish

metal squeegee red wooden handle

  • High quality foam sponge holds ample water and features a plastic stiffener to improve scrubbing .Long life, all temperature, neoprene squeegee blade

car metal squeegee weight

  •  Zinc plated metal head of car window squeegee.Deluxe nylon scrub netting removes bugs, dirt, and debris.Foam sponge color may be different from picture

8 mallory zinc plated metal squeegee

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Car cleaning window squeegee with red wooden handle

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