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eurow sheepskin wash mitt

Eurow sheepskin wash mitt

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Item NumberS04.016
Material100% natural lambwool
Pile length2.7cm
Packing information55*22*22cm/12pcs,1.8kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ300 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code6307100019
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Ultimate eurow sheepskin wash mitt

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This is a luxurious Detailer’s Preference Sheepskin automotive washing and polishing mitt by Eurow.Elastic cuff. Safe on delicate surfaces. Dual purpose; Use dry to wipe dust from dashboards or to polish. Use wet to wash. Most of our customers use this mitt to wash their cars, but some use it for a very different type of application; this mitt can be used to paint or wash outside walls. Several construction materials are not flat and therefore difficult to paint with a roller. This mitt is perfect to reach the depth of the uneven surface

  • sheepskin wool car wash mitts, they are one of the best types of wash mitts you can purchase for a safe swirl & scratch free washing experience.
  • soft while long nap holds a ton of suds and gently washes any dirt, grime, or contamination away.
  • Wool wash mitts are super soft and very plush, which is the main benefit of using them. These are great for doing your maintenance washing on a car that you want with minimal scratches
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100% Pure Lambswool Wash Mitt comes attached to REAL leather backing, so that you don’t have to replace often like other mitts. Clean your Car or Truck quickly and easily with this one Wash Mitt. You will not find another mitt this soft and dense, with pure quality to clean your vehicle.

  •  Measuring 11″ x 8.2″ this eurow car wash mitt fits all. The Merino sheep wool wash mitt with soft thick nap hold suds and gently washes any dirt, grime, or contamination away.

sheepskin car wash mitt

  • Use eurow sheepskin car wash mit, you will see a significant reduction in the scratches and swirl marks you get from washing the car. Scratch Free, Lambwool mitt is one of the best types of wash mitts.

lambswool car wash pad

  • Comfortable and flexible cotton cuff so your arms don’t feel tight; Hanging loop design, easy to hang, save space. The large size is enough suitable for you hands. Both sides available.

wool wash mitt lining

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