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extendable snow scraper with brush

Extendable snow scraper with brush

Product information
Item NumberS08.008
Ice scraper head width6.0 inch (15.0cm)
Snow brush sizeLength 9.8 inch (25.0cm)
Total length41.0 inch (105.0cm)
Packing information90*40*37cm /30pcs,16.0kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ1000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Categories : Car ice scraper

Compact snow brush with ice scraper

Featured Description

  • Material: The telescopic handle is made of sturdy aluminum to reduce bending during cold weather. The foam handle adds extra filler and does not freeze. The ice scraper uses high quality ABS material to break the ice and easily remove the bucket.
  • Brush and Squeegee: Wide 25.3 cm, material PP (cold-resistant- 30 ℃), Brush other end is for rubber scraper .brush head can swivel 270 degrees, allowing you to brush at various horizontal angles.Telescopic 81.5-105cm
  • Easily brush off the snow: Thick bristles help you quickly remove snow from the car’s windshield and windows. Will not hurt your car. Lightweight and portable; easy to store in the rear seat or trunk for easy access and labor saving.
  • User-friendly design: The foam grip design feels warm and comfortable when covered with snow. The Rotate button design provides a rotating and flexible brush when the spin button is pressed.
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More information of telescoping snow brush and ice scraper

Snow brush with squeegee easily remove inches of snow fast and effectively with the sturdy yet soft bristle head. The head also rotates so you can be in the perfect position to reach any pocket of snow.Snow brush scraper extends up to 41” making the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable. Perfect for reaching the top and across any type of vehicle. Works great for cars, trucks or SUVs.Features an ergonomic grip so you can comfortable remove snow and ice from your car!

  • The extensible snow brush ice scraper handle ,reach not only the front windshield, but remove heavy snow from the top and the bonnet of the vehicle quickly.

Telescoping Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

  •  Car snow brush with Squeegee is made of ABS resistant scraper with soft and thick brush, ice cutter and remover.Shake hands place for EVA foaming hand. 

compact snow brush with ice scraper

  • High quality ABS material made ice scraper is mainly used to break through ice surface on windshield quickly. Take it apart to remove ice or heavy frost.

ice scraper for car

  • Brush head can swivel 270 degrees,T-Shape snow brush allowing you to brush at various horizontal angles, Limit your time by removing snow and ice.

snow brush with squeegee

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Extendable snow scraper with brush

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