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Extra thick synthetic wool wash mitt

Extra thick synthetic wool wash mitt

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Item NumberS04.018
MaterialSynthetic wool
Pile length2.4cm
Packing information82*30*38cm/60pcs,6.6kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ3000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code6307100019
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Synthetic wool polishing mitt

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Extra thick synthetic wool wash mitt is tough and mean on dirt and grime, but ultra-soft on paint and shine. Professional wool wash mitt from ultra-plush scratch-resistant synthetic wool fur to hold tons of water and SUDS, and carry away dirt and debris. The thick woolly pad traps dirt and grime deep in the fur and prevents swirls and scratches on car paint. The massive plush pad holds over five-times its weight in soap and water, requiring fewer trips to the bucket for a faster car washing experience. Grab the plush wash pad, dunk it in a bucket of soapy car wash SUDS, then wipe any dirt and debris from your vehicle without installing any car wash swirls or scratches. The Premium synthetic wool is ultra-soft, scratch-resistant, and machine-washable for easy care and maintenance.

  • Ultra-plush scratch-resistant car wash Pad
  • Made with soft and fluffy synthetic wool fur
  • Holds tons of suds and water
  • Easy to grab wash Pad makes car washing a breeze
  • Machine washable, easy to maintain for years of scratch-free detailing
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With Professional Car Wash Pad you can wash your car like a pro! It delivers gobs of sudsy water, not swirls. Extra thick synthetic wool wash mitt absorbs a large amount of soapy water to provide outstanding lubrication to prevent wash-induced scratches. The plush nature of the synthetic material allows gritty particles to move into the thick fibers and away from the paint.

  •  Measuring 11″ x 8.6″ this wash mitts fits all. Wool wash mitts are one of the best types of washing accessories because they are absorbent and hold a lot of soapy water. This helps immensely with lubricating the paint during washing

super thick wool wash mitt

  • The longer fibers also help trap the dirt and bring it away from the surface – which is exactly what you want to happen. Wool wash mitts are super soft and very plush, which is the main benefit of using them.Professional Grade Plush Synthetic Wool

synthetic wool polishing mitt

  • Wool car wash mitt for polishing is made with durable synthetic materials that last for years, and stay soft for scratch-free washing and detailing use. Authentic wool sheepskin wash pads bunch up, fall apart and deteriorate over time.

wool polish wash mitt

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Wool car wash mitt for polishing

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