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christmas tree air freshener

Fashion custom christmas tree air freshener

Product Information
Specification2-4 mm thickness ,max.8*12cm ,5-12g
Materialcotton paper
Packing information1pc/opp bag ,41*41*31cm/1000 pcs ,15.0kgs
PrintingCMYK customized design
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ200 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code48211000008
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Featured Description

  • The diameter of Fashion custom christmas tree air freshener is about 7.5cm and the thickness is 2mm. It is made of blotter cotton paper with good water absorption.Custom die cut is available.
  • Generally , we have 2 options to choose the hanging string for the christmas tree car scent : 1. elastic string(color :white, black, red …) 2. plastic carabiner
  • You can choose a variety of fragrances, such as new car, black ice, sports, vanilla, blue ocean, etc. For normal quality , hanging paper card air freshener fragrance can be lasting for 15-20 days.For high quality ,fragrance can be lasting for more than 30 days, which can be compared with the fragrance-last-time ratio of little tree car air freshener.
  • We use 0.4mm thickness opp bags to seal the packaging products to ensure 100% sealing, so that the fragrance will not leak during transportation or sales.
  • Our customers are from all kind of industries , including car wash shops, food dealers, car dealers, gas stations ,clothing stores, real estate dealers and various promotions events to give away.We have the Budget Prices for christmas scented car air freshener .
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Popular Fragrance options of fashion custom christmas tree air freshener

There are thousands of hundreds of different fragrance for the christmas car fresheners . We just give you here some of most populars , hope you can find what you like .For your fragrance ,please click button below.

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How to check christmas tree air freshener

A small piece of tree air freshener christmas seems simple. But many buyers don’t know how to check his quality. The following briefly introduces several methods to detect christmas car scents tablets, I hope to help everyone.

  • Measure the thickness of christmas tree car air freshener. The thickness of a good product is more than 2.0mm

christmas tree car scent

  • Check whether the size and shape of the fashion style paper car air freshener for car meets the design size requirements

christmas car fresheners

  • Check whether the packaging bag is 100% sealed ,good sealed packing can keep the fragrance long lasting

promotional paper air freshener opp bag packing

  • Smell the car perfume scent,it should continue to radiate slowly, not a strong flavor as soon as bag opened.

christmas scented car air freshener

  • Weigh it, because the paper will absorb a certain amount of perfume, the more weight , the more perfume absorbent.

tree air freshener christmas

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