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Flexible silicone car drying squeegee

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Item NumberS02.013
Materialsilicone ,PP,TPR
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Packing information68*40*38cm/48pcs,7.9kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ2000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Premium T bar car drying squeegee

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Originally with a straight blade 12” wide,  Flexible silicone car drying squeegee is perfect for cars, trucks and vans with fifteen times less friction than a terry cloth towel so you know your paint is safe. Reaches into smaller spaces with the extended tip. Medical grade silicone and our t-bar edge conforms to every contour of your vehicle to remove over 90% of the rinse water safely and effectively. T-Bar edge operates bi-directionally and won’t “grab” when hitting a body gap. Our best blade design yet!

  • T-Bar edge promote drying work in 1/3 the time.
  •  Anti-slip handle for ergonomic grip.
  •  The 12″ silicone water blade specially features a high standard to remove or dry water from car interior exterior surface, just with a simple swipe.
  •  Constructed from rubber, it whisks away or pulls off the water in one classic direction.
  •  Great tool which is available while cleaning RVs, sea boats, bikes, and other vehicles. Just gently glides over the paint to easily swipe water without leaving any spots.
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Car Drying Squeegee may be used to quickly and efficiently dry any large flat surface. The 12 in. silicone blade will not scratch. Use on vehicle windows, shower doors, tile, boats and more. The non-slip comfort grip handle allows better control and leaves a clean, streak-free surface. The compact design makes it convenient and easy to store.

  •  The 12 inch width silicone blade is suitable for car surface cleaning and also stain removal for glass windows, floor-standing windows, bathrooms, tiled walls, glass coffee tables and the like

T bar silicone squeegee

  • Ergonomic soft-edged handle with medical grade silicone blade Won’t scratch. Flexible silicone blade molds to the shape of the surface conform to every contour. Easy-grip handles for comfortable use.

T bar car drying squeegee

  • Super flexible T-Bar Blade makes drying more efficient than towels or terry clothes, which saves your time.Made from soft silicone, blade will not scratch.Reliable and good grip; Anti-slip, easy to use.

silicone squeegee T bar

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Silicone water blade T bar

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