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foam pad cleaning brush

Foam pad cleaning brush

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Item NumberS05.044
SpecificationBrush head size: 2.5x4.5cm,handle size: 13.5cm ,weight : 94.0g
MaterialPP, Nylon bristle
Packing information39X21.5X34.5cm/60pcs,6.2kgs
Bristle length1.6cm
LogoCustom logo printed
Sample time3-5 days
Payment T/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Pad conditioning brush

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Clean and re-condition foam buffing pads with this cleverly designed brush. Foam buffing pads become stiff and caked with wax and polish after just one use. If you look closely at the texture of a new foam pad, you’ll see that it is composed of thousands of tiny hollow compartments where products soak into the pad. This varied texture also provides buffing action as the pad spins. Wax and polish get caked in these compartments, making the texture of the pad smooth and therefore ineffective. This ergonomically designed Foam Conditioning Brush scrubs wax and polishes out of the foam and restores its original texture.

  • Keep your foam and microfiber pads free of contaminants, prolonging pad life and preventing micro-marring on your paint while polishing.
  • Flexible nylon bristles gently yet thoroughly condition pads
  • Unique shape for easy use while pad is mounted to machine buffer
  • Angled handled for comfortable use even on carpet or hard surfaces
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More information of buffing pad cleaning brush

The buffing pad cleaning brush is a heavy duty cleverly designed brush that cleans and reconditions foam buffing pads. The ergonomic shape of the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush makes it easy to apply to any high quality pad. The tough construction of this brush stands up to constant use.

  • foam pad conditioning brush tool with a specially designed ergonomically angle shaped handle, more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. 

pad conditioning brush

  • Use the brushes durable stiff nylon bristles to clean off caked in debris, such as hardened glazes, polishes, and compounds from the pads surface by simply running the brush over the pad .

polishing pad conditioning brush

  • The specially shaped handle makes it comfortable to grip and keeps your hand away from the spinning buffer and flexible nylon bristles gently yet thoroughly condition pads.

car polishing pads cleaning brush

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Car polishing pads cleaning brush

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