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ice scrapers and snow brushes

Ice scrapers and snow brushes

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Item NumnberS08.001
Ice scraper head width12.0 cm
Snow brush size6*28cm ,bristle length 5.0cm
Squeegee width21.5cm
Extendable handle length87-105cm
MaterialABS ,PP, PVC,TPR,silicone
Packing information58*45*40cm/12pcs, 12.6kgs
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ2000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Categories : Car ice scraper

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Featured Description

  • [Super Extender] Maximum 39″Telescoping extendable grip of ice scrapers and snow brushes reaches anywhere unreachable without resorting to a step stool and minimizes the effort that you push on yourself
  • [Durability] Strong Heavy-duty ABS plastic Rotate Button area and ice scraper make sure the swivel broom head and ice crusher stays in place for multiple time uses without cracking
  • [Toughness] Well made Thick Scratch-resistant bristles and rubber squeegee swipe out snow and ice in no time. Both are Firm enough to push heavy snow without scratching the paint. Warm comfortable foam grip is nice to have in your hand rather than cold metal or plastic
  • [Effortlessness] Detachable attachments for Fast & Efficient use with lock-in push button featuring easy assemble and disassemble so you don’t have to stay out longer in the cold and no more worries about finding a place long enough to store a long device
  • [Warmness] Soft and comfortable foam grip keeps you warm and ergonomic design ensures a firm handle
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More information of telescoping snow brush ice scraper

The extendable snow brush with Squeegee & Ice Scraper is equipped with thick bristled brush helps you remove snow from your car windshield and windows quickly. The double sided head offers a squeegee opposite the brush head. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier use. The snow scraper comes with 3 separate units—Squeegee/Bristle Head Snow Brush, Ice Scraper & Telescoping extender. Piece it all together when in use or separate it for easy storage when not in season.

  • Extendable snow brush with ice scraper and squeegee: The snow brush scraper handle extends up to 39” making the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable. Convenient for use .

snow brush ice scraper

  • Frozen windshields are almost impossible to defrost, but using the integrated ice scraper will make defrosting easy. The knuckles on the back of the ice scraper can break up thick slabs of ice with ease

ice scraper head

  • Easily remove inches of snow fast and effectively with the sturdy yet soft bristle head. The head also rotates so you can be in the perfect position to reach any pocket of snow.

snow brush head

  • Besides removing snow from cars, you can also use the brush to clean motorbike, door, window and others covered with heavy snow, frost or ice

best car ice scraper and brush

  • Thick and Comfortable Foam Grip of the snow brush, easy to hand and control when use it. Detachable Snow brush and ice scraper for easy store

extendable handle

  • With brush, squeegee and ice scraper in one, the brush is versatile and can be disassembled for convenient storage, suitable for various types of cars.

extendable snow brush with ice scraper

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Best car ice scraper and brush

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