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long pile microfiber car cleaning sponge

Long pile microfiber car cleaning sponge

Product Information
Item NumberS06.003
Specification25*12*6.5cm ,57g
MaterialMicrofiber (80% polyester,20% polyester),PU sponge
Pile length1.3cm
Packing information50*26*33cm/20pcs,1.5kgs
Sample time3-5 days
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code6307100000
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Premium microfiber bone shape car wash sponge

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The microfiber car cleaning sponge is an extra thick memory foam pad covered in the softest 80/20 blend of microfiber. This wash sponge is inside-stitched for superior surface softness and no edges. No edges means it can scrub the surface to remove dirt and contaminants safely and without scratching. Advanced microfiber is a unique blend of open-ended microfiber which allows loose dirt to be gently lifted from the surface and retained within the fibers of the sponge reducing surface friction that could scratch paint and surfaces. This wash sponge can be used either wet or dry as a dust remover. The memory foam construction allows it to retain shape even after numerous washes. This wash sponge is a 100 percent microfiber weave that is positively charged to attract grease, dirt particles and dust, all without chemicals. It will pick up dust and micro particles like a magnet. It will absorb up to 10 times its weight in water.

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More information of big chubby microfiber wash sponge

The Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge is ultra plush, ultra soft, lint free, and scratch free.It is made with a plush memory foam pad wrapped in premium microfiber. The unique microfiber strands act like hook and loop: trapping and holding abrasive dirt particles away from your painted finish for a scratch-free car wash. High quality construction and attention to detail put stitches inside the sponge for a soft edgeless design that won’t scratch paint. The Big Chubby Microfiber Wash Sponge can be used wet with car wash soap and bucket or dry with quick detail spray as a dust remover.

  • The sculpted ergonomic shape tapers in the middle ,so detailers of any size can get a firm grip on the car wash tool.The microfiber car wash sponge is easy to grab, easy to use, and washes cars without scratching or swirling the surface.

microfiber car wash sponge

  • The plush microfiber grabs and traps abrasive dirt and grime so you have less of a chance of installing any swirls or scratches in the surface.It stitches inside the sponge for a soft edgeless design that won’t scratch paint.

microfiber cleaning sponge

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Chenille microfiber car wash mitt

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