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Nano ceramic crystal coating sponge

Nano ceramic crystal coating sponge

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Item NumberS06.004
Specification8*5*2.5cm ,6g
MaterialEVA ,nano sponge
Packing information52*26*39cm/450,3.5kgs
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Sample time3-5 days
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HS code4016109000
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Car nano coating foam sponge

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Nano ceramic crystal coating sponge has been developed for the purpose of applying long durable coating agents and it is a two-layer structural sponge with 2 different materials:
The base (blue part) use a material that solvents are hard to soak into
The soft and thin sponge (black part)

  • ERGONOMIC – Dual Foam Design Provides Even Pressure
  • DETAILING APPLICATORS – Superior Application Tools For Ceramic Coatings and More
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More information of ceramic coating sponge applicator

For long durable coating, its finishing quality can be affected by an amount of coating agent applied. When you apply coating agent with a general sponge which absorbs an excessive amount of coating agent, there might be coating unevenness, although you think you apply the liquid carefully so that thickness of coating is different from a starting area to an end point. Of course it could become an application failure.
Coating Sponge has been developed to avoid these coating failures. By limiting an amount of coating agent soaking into the sponge, it helps keep a consistent amount of the liquid applied.

  • The crystal coating sponge has a two-layer structure pasted with 2 materials; The pedestal (the blue part ) which is hard to be penetrated with solvent and the soft and thin sponge (black part).

car nano coating foam sponge

  • The car coating sponge applicator has the pedestal on one side ,it is easy to handle and allow to coat on every corners. It applies the agent uniformly, you can get the maximum performance of the coating.

ceramic coating sponge

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Plating crystal coating foam sponge applicator

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