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Promotional paper card parking disc

Promotional paper card parking disc

Product Information
Item NumberS20.003
Specification150*150mm ,22g
Material350gsm paper
Packing information34*34*20cm/600 pcs, 13.5kgs
Logo printingCustomer logo printed
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ3000 pieces
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code48211000008
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Featured Description

Promotional paper card parking disc is a very simple tool for car parking . Used as a parking timer and cleaning snow ,ice off from the car windows . It is popular in France,Belgium ,Germany and Netherland in the Europe.

  • The parking disc complies with European law
  • Large print area on the back , it can put customized logo as a promotion gift for give away
  • Soft rubber blade on the parking timer disc remove the water and ice very effective and protect the car surface
  • PS made ice scraper side hard and ice off very easy
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How to check a parking disc quality

As a buyer , the most important things are product quality and price , delivery timer …..Basically ,the paper car parking disc must comply with European law .But here we let you be an expert for checking parking disc with tire gauge quality !

  • Check paper card parking disc measure the size

paper card parking timer size

  • Most of parking discs are blue color , check the color

Promotional paper card parking disc

paper card parking disc weight

  • Check the words on front , Germany,France ,Belgium …


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How to use a parking disc Germany 

ParkscheibeI think it is a very easy thing to do !  But , please note that different countries has different law , have to be careful of it . Here I make a Germany sample to show you . The German disc – ankunftszeit parking – allows you free parking for a certain time in certain areas. If, for example, you see this sign, it means you can park here for two hours for free as long as you display your Promotional paper card parking disc.

  • How do I set the time ?

The arrow on the disc points to the arrival time (Ankunftszeit), but … set the paper card parking timer only show every 30 minutes, so if you arrive a few minutes after, say, 3 o’clock, you set the arrow to point to 3.30, which will give you an almost extra 30 minutes. If you arrive at 3.25, you still only set the arrival time to 3.30. Basically, any time between 3.01 and 3.30 will be set to 3.30. So, if you park in an area where you can stay for two hours, if you’re lucky, you can stay  2 hours and 29 minutes.

  • Where do I display Promotional paper card parking disc ?

Display it visibly under the windscreen. So that the police can easily see it .

parking disc position

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