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Super soft carpro detailing brush

Super soft carpro detailing brush

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Item NumberS05.020
SpecificationDia.2.5cm, 16cm long,38g
Packing information52*18*27cm/200pcs,8.2kgs
Bristle length4.0cm
Sample time3-5 days
MOQ1000 pcs
PaymentT/T , Paypal , Western Union , L/C
HS code9603909090
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Super soft car interior detailing brush

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Super soft carpro detailing brush provides the optimal firmness for keeping your car interior clean. The brushes are firm enough to remove dirt and grime but soft enough to not leave scratches or swirls on your dashboard piano paint surface or other places, leaving your car looking its best.The super soft detailing brush is great for wet and dry use, this multi-function brush aims to remove the dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of your air vents, trim, seat, leather, crevices and emblems, make your loved car fully tidy and clean from the inside out. Keep your brushes handy and accessible with our handle hanging holes.

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More information of carpro detailing brush

The carpro detailing brush is designed to clean surfaces without scratching sensitive areas. The soft hair detail brush is perfect for cleaning sensitive dashboard, trunk emblems, leather upholstery, cupholders, consoles, AC vents, switches, gauges, and engine bays.

  • Auto detailing brush has soft synthetic hair , renowned for its soft touch on sensitive surfaces, and tough durability to last for years of heavy cleaning use

carpro car interior detailing brush

  • The car detailing brush has soft and gentle bristles, it is  soft enough for the finest interior finished, such as AC vents, cupholders, seat cracks, and leather. 

car interior dust brush

  • Made of special treated synthetic fiber bristle ,the right strength and flexibility.No chance of marring or scratching your delicate interior .

super soft detailing brush head

  • The plastic handle of carpro detailing brush is lightweight, chemical resistant, and scratch-resistant across sensitive surfaces like paintwork.

soft car detailing brush handle

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Soft bristle car detailing brush

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