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synthetic pu chamois cloth

Wholesale Synthetic pu chamois cloth

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Item numberS03.017
MaterialPU ,non-woven cloth
Packing information36*21*32cm/100pcs,4.1kgs
Sample time3-5 days
PaymentT/T,L/C ,West union ,Paypal
HS code6307100019
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Categories : Car wash towel

Synthetic chamois cloth

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Our synthetic pu chamois cloth features 260gsmĀ  which is much thicker, and therefore more absorbent, than others. This means that it will soak more liquid when it spills, it will dry your boat or RV quicker, and it will last for more years of regular use.

  • Use the PU chamois leather cloth in the kitchen to dry spills, wipe down counters, line drawers in your fridge to absorb moisture, and much more. They will not scratch granite or marble, and they work great on stainless steel.
  • Use the synthetic chamois cloth on your carpet to remove puppy pee, or soak up beverages that are accidentally spilled. Simply press down to suck up the liquid like a vacuum and dry the rug all the way down to the padding.
  • When cleaning a fish tank, or changing the water, use one to wipe down the interior without worry of scratching.
  • Clean windows and floors to a streak free shine. Eliminate all moisture in a single pass to prevent spotting and streaking.
  • Use pu coating chamois cloth on your car or truck to dry after washing without leaving spots. Also great as a sponge cloth for washing, or as a soft pad for polishing.
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PU coating chamois cloth

This highly absorbent shammy cloth is also lint free. This makes it perfect for detailing a car or truck, washing windows and mirrors, and much more. When you wipe, dry and clean with this tool, it will never leave behind lint as you work. It is also safe to use on any surface, no matter how delicate. They will never scratch, mark or ruin anything you use them on, so you can clean all over with confidence.

PU chamois leather cloth
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