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We offer different kinds of custom car air freshener , such as personalized car paper air freshener,cheap promotion car air freshener,funny paper car air freshener ,little tree car air freshener …….Shinsan cleaning – the best car care products supplier in China .

Car air freshener overview

Paper car air freshener is a kind of perfume. It can easily make the air in the car and home become elegant and pleasant. Because it contains natural plant essential oils, you only need to hang it on the rearview mirror, you can smell fresh and pleasant air. The paper air freshener can be customized packing and printing according to customers’ requirements, suitable for industry promotions and advertising gifts, is the best choice for automotive and home promotional gifts.

  • Product advantages

The custom car air freshener has a pleasant aroma, small size and does not occupy a space. A variety of fragrances are available (cherry, strawberry, ocean, rose, new car, lemon, vanilla and other fragrance types are available). There is always a fragrance you meet your need .

Custom car air freshener video

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Perfume MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

  • What is MSDS ?

Material chemical safty data sheet ,it is a document used by chemical manufacturers and importers to clarify the physical and chemical characteristics of chemicals (such as pH, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) and the possible harm to the user’s health (such as carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.) .

The European Union and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) both use SDS terminology. However, in many countries in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Asia, SDS (Safety Data Sheet) can also be used as Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Basically the same.

For paper air freshener , it is very important to use the perfume which has  MSDS .

  • What we do ?

We guarantee each pieces of hanging paper car air freshener quality ,all of our perfume can offer you MSDS sheet , from qualified perfume supplier . Here we list 5 normal popular perfume MSDS .Please check below for checking the data sheet .

Our special polybag for papar air freshener packing

Our air freshener can be kept for more long time under sealed condition with our double layer polybag  !

The polybag is very important to a paper hanging air freshener . Because a good quality polybag can 100% sealed and lock the fragrance very good ,even some can keep the perfume for years .

Most of polybags for paper air freshener in the market are single layer . After hot seal it with the machine , there must have some tiny holes on the seal edge ,which can not see by your eyes . So that is why many air fresheners lose fragrance after some months ,even sealed in polybag .

Our double layer polybag is total different , because the surface layer is very flexible, after hot seal , it still keeps very good and almost no tiny holes ,then lock the fragrance very good !  See the pictures of difference .

Single layer polybag

custom paper air freshener polybag

Double layer polybag

paper air freshener polybag

How to use custom car air freshener

Many people think that custom car air freshener is a very simple car daily use product, but every product has its own detailed use. Here we will introduce some tips for paper hanging car air freshener usage .Hope  we  can  help correct  everybody using the  paper  car  air  freshener. custom paper air freshener in car

  •  Control the fragrance evaporation

When we got the custom personalized car air freshener, it is simply packed in a transparent polybag . Open it ,and just hang it on the car rearview mirror .But ,actually , it is not the right way for using .Here we give you some advice ,hope it can help you . First of all, we should open part of the bag and let some of the car air freshener out . In this way, most of the fragrance is still locked in the poly bag, but you can still enjoy the perfume inside your car. If feel the scent not strong, you can open the poly bag more. Normally ,we pull down the poly bag 1cm from the tree paper air freshener per week ,until the bag is completely removed. So that ,we not only keep the fragrance smell in quality ,but also make the car air freshener longer life time .

  • Position in the car

Different car air freshener have different placements in the car. For example, some are put at the air conditioner vent , and some that put on the gear stick. But hanging paper car air freshener is different, it must be hung on the rearview mirror. You can not put it on the dashboard, on the seat, or on the gear stick. Any way , you can not let it contact any other place in car . Try not to contact the skin.

car air freshener position

  • Custom car air freshener is not a toy

Paper hanging car air freshener is not a toy. Please keep it away from children and keep it out of children’s reach. Custom car air freshener, it is the same as other cosmetics and perfumes, may irritate your skin. Once it gets into your eyes or touches your skin, wash with water.

  • Using compliant product

Please use compliant paper car air freshener. Ask the manufacturer if they have MSDS of the perfume they used onto the hanging paper air freshener. The perfumes must be produced in strict accordance with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations. Make sure of every product is safe and compliant .

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Choose a fragrance for you

  • Quality first

At present, there are a lot of hanging paper car air freshener, but not every one is suitable for yourself. Today I will give you some idea about choosing your own suitable car air freshener. When choosing the air freshener , the most important is you need to know if the custom hanging paper air freshener is from professional manufacturer, because inferior quality will endanger our health.

  • Choose what you like and suitable

Personalized car paper air freshener, usually car air freshener fragrance is based on some famous brand perfumes. Before spraying brand-name perfumes, people usually choose perfumes according to their clothing and personal temperament.

The same is true of custom car air freshener. It is also necessary to understand the “temperament” of their car to see if it is suitable. We can choose according to our personal preferences.

  • Some examples for your reference

For example, men who choose mid-to-high-end models can choose blue ocean and opium scent . For ladies, jasmine, lemon and lavender are their favorite fragrances. If you like to smoke in the car, then choose a strong aroma of herbs, fresh green tea and sweet apple flavor, because they can effectively remove the irritating odor in tobacco, soothing the smoke in the car; If you usually feel stress in the work and life, choose some fragrances that can calm down, such as sweet flowers and cool herbs. If you are long time sitting in the office, best to choose lemon fruit and mint flavors that can relax your nerves. For those with a fashionable personality, you may choose classic aromas such as “Gulong” and “Opium” to put in the car.

But you should noted that not choose the lavender car fragrance because it is too sweet and easy to make people feel sleepy.

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Our project

Paper Car air freshener is very popular product ,almost all of the cars need it .We have customers all over the world. They are from France ,Italy ,Germany ,Belgium…etc. in Eu . The united states ,Canada ,Brazil and Mexico from America and UAE ,Israel in mid east .

Almost all of the industries are suitable for the paper air freshener , like super market ,whole sellers ,chain stores ,car dealers ,car wash shop ,taxi company and food companies .

And new car , sports ,Aqua ,black ice ,ocean are all the favorite fragrance .

Below ,are the cases of our customers.

Skoda car air freshener

hanging paper car air freshener

car wash shop air freshener

paper hanging car air freshener

car shaped hanging paper air freshener

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