Parking disc show case

We offer different kinds of parking disc, such as blue parking timer ,promotional paper car parking timer,Germany parking timer ,France car parking timer, Automatic parking disc clock …….Shinsan cleaning – the best car care products supplier in China .

Parking timer overview

parking timer overviewNingbo shinsan cleaning products co., Ltd is a foreign trade company specializing in car care and cleaning products. Parking timer disc is one of our best selling products. 80% of the parking timer discs on the European market are from us.

  • Our market and about the Law in EU

Our main markets are: Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, etc. Because traffic laws in these areas allow drivers to use parking timer discs. There are special signs for parking on sides of the street. You can use it to park in the area marked by the sign. For example ,German road traffic regulations: With 24-hour display. Meets the requirements of StVO

  • Product Material

The parking clock can be made of many different materials, such as plastic PS, paper, PVC leather, and also there is a electronic parking disc clock , everything was set automatically . But the most populars are plastic parking timer and PVC leather parking timer.

  • Standard printing on the surface

The printing on the disc surface is also different, but the law requires that the front face be white on a blue background. Germany is printed in German, France in French, and Dutch in Dutch. There is also a universal international version with German, French, Dutch, English printed all on it.

  • Where to buy and what to be used as

Various types of parking timers are sold at gas stations, convenience stores and other places, and the prices are also very cheap. Therefore, many companies use the parking timer as a promotional gift, they put their company’s logo on the back. It is indeed a very practical promotional gift.

  • Features

In addition, especially the plastic blue parking disc timer, we add tire gauge and coins on it. In this way, the customer can measure the depth of the tire pattern by himself to determine whether the tire needs to be replaced. There is also an ice scraper on the side of the plastic parking timer. In winter, you can use it to remove the frozen ice on the windshield. The rubber scraper on the other side can effectively remove water stains on auto windows. It is a euro multi function plastic parking timer.

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Logo size 

If you want to print your company logo or if you want to buy it as a promtional giveaway gift , please check following printing area size carefully to decide how big your logo is .

No. 1

PVC leather parking timer printing area size

PVC leather parking timer printing area

No. 2

Eu blue plastic parking clock printing area size

parking disc printing area

Certificate of PAHs & RoHs

PAHs&ROHS certificate


Here are the almost all the parking timer clock in the market , including promotional parking timer , ice scraper parking disc clock , paper parking timer , parking timer with suction caps ,parking clock with tire depth gauge ,parking timer with coin ………Then , just tell us what you need , the rest ,we can do for you .

Producing process

We have strict production process of parking clock. First, we use PS plastic imported from Qatar to ensure that each product has a delicate touch, vivian color, and durability. Further more ,we can pass EU cadmium test ( PAHs & RoHs test ) . Our parking timer disc can be used at a maximum ambient temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Second, we have our own professional screen printing workshop to ensure that each product is printed clearly and with accurate colors. For example ,the parking timer in germany , it must be in blue on the front to meet the requirements of StVO. And we will give customers ABC samples before printing logo (if promotion gift ), let them choose the most accurate color between different color differences. Third, we have a strict packaging process to ensure that every detail is done according to the customer’s packaging requirements, and that each finished product is best protected. Finally, before leaving the factory, the product is subject to inspection and quality inspection. The following pictures are our approximate production process:

parking timer produce

                         Injection                                                                               Printing                                                                       Assembling 

parking timer produce 2

                       Sealed with poly bag                                                                Finished products                                                      Final packing into carton 

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